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We are the RC division of Intricode Solutions ( and specialize in microprocessor-based products for the Radio Control hobby industry. Although relatively new to the RC industry, we have many years of experience in leading edge industrial products which we hope to filter through to this industry.

We have already secured a number of reasonably large OEM contracts supplying the US, Asian and Australasian markets. Although you won't see our company name on these products (the nature of OEM), you may well recognise the 'feel' and features of these products. Our designs and software are totally our own which we have developed from the ground up.

Being a division of Intricode, we bring our ISO 9001:2000 compliant management system to the fore, in order to offer good customer service and an exceptionally high standard of quality. We look forward to strengthening our position in this industry and encourage all forms of criticism, suggestions & comments so that we can meet your requirements more effectively.